PT. Indo Abadi Sarimakmur (Indosar) was established in the year 1982 in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. As we grew, we moved to the current factory located at Gresik, East Java. At present Indosar’s current factory and laboratory is on a 50,000 m2 site, with a 5,000 m2 structure. Our main business is manufacturing of medicated plaster, medical devices, and other health care products; local and international (export). Indosar’s very first product was medicated plaster KOYO CABE, which became the company’s symbol and its best known product until today. Currently Indosar has more than 30 variety products such as TAKAHI and OKE PLAST which qualities are on par with our famous KOYO CABE. In 1997, Indosar had a milestone where we obtained the GMP Certificate from the Department of Health of Indonesia for medicated plasters and other medical products. At the present, Indosar has 5 Regional office where each one is responsible for distribution, located in Surabaya, Jakarta, Semarang, Bandung, and Palembang. As we keep developing and innovating, we will expand in order to ensure that we deliver Indosar’s quality product to our customer.