Cloth Based Plaster Perforated to allow air circulation and improve adhesion to the skin Contains 0.37 Mg / 1 Cm� of Capsicum extract Effective for helping to relief symptoms of Lumbago and Muscular Pain

Usage Direction

Clean aching skin area with soap and clean water, and dry it well Remove the cover from the patch, place it on the aching spot, and press it to the skin to ensure it sticks At the time of removal, if there are any plaster remains on skin, clean with alcohol or spirit

Warning and Precaution

Do not use for children below 2 years of age Avoid applying to sensitive area Do not apply on open wounds

Specification and Packaging

1. Standard Size Plaster size : 55 x 45 mm Packaging : 1 box @ 20 sachets @ 10 sheets.

2. Large Size Plaster Size : 17 x 11,5 cm Packaging : 1 box @ 24 sachets @ 1 sheet